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Helix Jump 2

Helix Jump 2 is the second edition of the extremely popular game for smartphones. Even though that the game was originally developed for smartphones, you can still enjoy the web version at our website but before starting to play I would like to tell you about the main features of the game. So, Helix Jump is a really cute and addictive online game where you have to help the bouncing ball reach the bottom of the helix maze. You can move the maze left or right in order to find spot for the ball.The ball should go down and reach the first layer in order to complete the level. Keep in mind that you will notice some red sectors on your way - if the ball hit those red sections, you lose the game. You should try to make combo - make the ball fall down through several sectors and this way gain some speed. If the speed is high enough, it will break the line and reach the finish. Keep in mind that the levels of Helix Jump 2 are getting more and more difficult as you progress and there are hundreds of levels. You will definitely enjoy playing the Helix Jump game at our website.

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